The Italian-style garden

The Count Antonio Rizzardi in 1783 decided to entrust the project of the garden to the architect Luigi Trezza, one of the greatest exponents of the neoclassical architecture of Veneto.
Mindful of the passion of his ancestors for “green” architecture and the “admired terraced garden” of Maderno sul Garda, Antonio Rizzardi wanted a project full of spectacular scenery and impressive geometries, not so much for personal prestige as to welcome and promote the new cultural trends.
Luigi Trezza manages to synthesize the classic canons of the Italian garden with the “picturesque” taste of  rising Romanticism.
Thanks to the four original drawings of the project (currently preserved in the Biblioteca Civica di Verona) we can see the original projects of the garden: the Belvedere, the Temple, the Verzura theatre and the Small Lake.
The garden is situated on plots of land that the Rizzardi family had already owned for at least a century and extends over 54.000 square meters, with a mixture of sloping and flat parts.
There are four major routes: the trail of the day of the Carpini boulevard, the trail of the night of the Boschetto path, the way of knowledge of Cypresses avenue (which unites the formal garden to the theatre) and the path of virtue of the Belvedere boulevard.

Take 3 minutes to delve into the history of the garden and to learn more about the wines so intrinsically connected to the property and the Rizzardi family.

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